Niagara Family Centre

Why Does Niagara Need a Family Centre?

Bethesda is an organization that has continued to develop and make an impact since its establishment in 1937. From 2008 to 2014, Bethesda has adopted 7 new children’s programs which continue to thrive as more families seek a diagnosis for their child through our services.   As the number of children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities in the Niagara region continues to increase, our service mandates continue to grow.  Bethesda currently serves over 800 children and youth with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, with over 900 families on a wait list.

In 2013, Bethesda Residential Holdings Inc. moved forward with plans to construct a new Family Centre at 3310 Schmon Parkway. Bethesda is committed to constructing a 27,000 square foot; state-of-the-art building that will benefit the staff, children and their families that access our services for support.

Children, ages two to 18, with ASD and other special needs, along with their families will be supported and served by the new Bethesda Niagara Family Centre. The new building will provide ample space and superior facilities for programming including autism consultation, behavioural support, developmental assessment, respite care, Autism Intervention, Applied Behaviour Analysis and room for future expansion.

The Niagara Family Centre officially opened in June 2016.